What happens during a consultation?

During your initial consultation I will take a detailed medical history including the presenting complaint, dietary habits and lifestyle information. I will also review the state of your body’s systems in order to ensure a thorough and holistic approach to your condition. 

I may need to carry out a physical examination, or take a measurement of blood pressure.  I will advise you of any further laboratory tests that would be appropriate to obtain through your GP.  

I allow adequate time to discuss physical and emotional issues in depth and for us to reach a mutually-agreed therapy plan.  At the end of the consultation I will make up an individual prescription, tailored to your needs, that aims to address current problems and their underlying causes.

I always give dietary advice with particular emphasis on ensuring adequate vitamin and mineral status and a balanced intake of essential fatty acids through diet modification and/or nutrient supplementation.  I also discuss lifestyle changes and, when necessary, incorporate them into the therapeutic strategy. 

I normally arrange a follow-up appointment after 4-6 weeks to assess your progress and adjust the prescription if required.

How to take herbal medicine

The herbal prescription is usually a mixture of herbal extracts in tincture form which has been individually tailored to your needs. It is very important that this should be taken every day; the exact timing is not critical, but around mealtimes is best. 

The usual dosage is 10ml twice a day (a 10ml blue measuring spoon is provided to help with the accurate measurement of the medicine). For children doses are lower. Herbal medicine should be taken with plenty of water and can be mixed with fresh juice to improve the taste. 

Herbal tinctures should be stored away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature and do not require refrigeration. A little sediment is quite normal and can be dispersed by shaking the bottle before use. 

For herbal teas the required amount is 15-30g of dried herb to be drunk as infusion. Teas should be made fresh every day and can be divided into two or more doses and drunk hot or cold throughout the day. 

Herbal tablets or capsules should be taken according to the instructions given.

What to expect?

Natural Medicine usually requires a longer period to be fully implemented compared to orthodox medicines, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t experience an immediate impact. Generally, the length of treatment depends on the condition itself, the severity and how long you have had it.      

Most herbal remedies can be used safely alongside conventional medications and treatments. Particular care is taken to avoid the use of herbs that can interact with specific drugs. Pregnant women should always seek advice from a qualified medical herbalist before trying any herbal medicine.